Soothing Tumeric Chai Milk

I can honestly say that I think wintertime sucks. For me it feels like a neverending time of cold darkness mixed with rain and wind. Nevertheless, I try to embrace it by making soothing and warming foods and drinks that cheer me up. This turmeric chai milk was my first try out for this recipe, and it was a WINNER. I was thinking about making a basic turmeric milk, an Ayurvedic medicinal drink that is known for it’s health benefits.


the blogpost on how hard it is to make a blogpost

Hi to everyone reading this! It has been 4, 5 months or so since I posted something on my blog. Way to long! Anyway, before I start making a lot of excuses on the reasons for not being creative, happy and motivated, I want to thank some people. I’m not going to name them but I’m shure they know I’m talking about them.

They are the people that are not close to me, that seemed to motivate me. They called me inspiring (Whut, me?), the called me kind (thank you for that) and asked me for recipes or tips on how to go healthier. Thank you so much. I never considered myself to be inspiring to others and never thought anyone would be even reading this.



a big salad from last year. Tons of greens, fresh veggies, chickpeas and a soybased garlic sauce



Banana pancakes makes me happy

Let me start by saying that this recipe has been my secret weapon to persuade my friends to “the vegan side”. I used to make banana pancakes with eggs in them, and while the vegan recipe is much more simpel, it’s also much lighter and easy to digest. SCORE!

This recipe is gluten free too, I recently discovered buckwheat flour and it’s my new favorite while baking. That way I can also share them with my gluten intolerant homies! (yes, I’m talking to you)






Simple Pimple skincare routine

Want a healthy looking skin without using to much products? Don’t have much time in the morning for skincare? I’m a big fan of easy, more natural – ideally cruelty free-, not to expensive skincare products that give my skin what it needs.


Ditch your mainstream beauty products and buy yourself some good quality coconut oil


So the easiest way to start on your way to have glowing skin, is to nourish it from the inside. Start by increasing your water intake to at least 2 liters a day. This helps to detoxify the body and to hydrate your cells. Try to avoid or stop eating processed food, meat, dairy and other heavy foods that are hard for the body to digest. When you eat easily digestif food like fruit and veggies, your body has more energy to nourish your cells. Sounds logical, no? :)


So on to my simple pimple skincare routine!


Let that shit go + tips for minimalist living

How much do you like the possesions you have? Do they give you joy or do they weigh you down?


Some years ago I was going through a fase where I came from a job with an income to studying and living from welfare. My husband went through the same fase and we both ended up with a much lower income then before and an appartment filled with stuff we never used, clothes we didn’t wear and burned out from working our asses off in jobs we hated.

In this position we had much more time to ourselfs and we began to realize we needed a lifestyle change. I’ve always been a clean freak and spending time at home amongst our ‘precious belongings’ began to irritate me to the point where I would get an anxiety attack from all the junk that we had. Time to change!


The altar in our bedroom with a few things that are precious




How to: proper fruit combination

Although smoothies are a perfect way to get in a lot of fruit and veggies in one time, I often see people make ‘bad’ fruit combinations. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never bad to eat fruit and veggies! But it’s very easy to avoid certain fruit combinations so that you won’t feel bloated or get acid reflux (yuk). It’s always a pain in the ass when you have a delicious meal or smoothie and feel bloated afterwards. This can easily be avoided when you combine the right foods..and when you don’t eat prepacked food that contains animal derived nastyness 😉

There are so many food combination charts out there that can help you with proper food combo’s. For me it’s easier to focus on 2 food groups like fruits and veggies, because that’s basicly the only thing that goes into my mouth and. Honestly I can not really remember how it felt to eat a cheese sandwich and a coffee, but if it’s already making you cramp, stay with me to pick up the basic rules of food/fruit combining!



Banana coconut porn for breakfast

If you have been following me on Instagram or if you have the pleasure to know me in real life 😉 you know that I LOVE BANANAS, that I mainly eat fruit for breakfast and lunch and that often those meals exist out of..bananas. Why? Bananas are easy to digest and give you tons of energy. They are very healthy and packed with a lot of nutrients like vitamine B6, vitamine C and potassium. Bananas contain a lot of fiber and are low on the glycemic index, which means that they release the sugar slow into your bloodstream and keep you full for a longer period. So ditch your morning coffee and just eat a few bananas if you want to be on top of your game! (more…)

Tropical Banana Slushie

This smoothie is perfect for breakfast or lunch if you would live in a tropical paradise, as it is filled with juicy mango and banana. Because I’m in love with everything tropical and fruity, I think this smoothie recipe is one of my “classics”. I started experimenting with different textures and fruit combo’s to come up with a creamy and healthy jar of goodness. Fruit combining wise this is a good combination of sweet and sub – acid fruits. I will make a post on proper fruit combining soon 😉


My Vegan Story – Bulimic vegan

This part of my teens was probably the hardest as I was freaking out inside and was mentally unstable. Although no one really noticed, I think, as it was my own struggle. Only a few years later I had the courage to tell my husband and some of my girlfriends about my binging period.

So around the same time I went vegetarian I started struggling with Bulimia. (more…)

Vegetarian gothgirl trowback

Hi! Time to start this journey by posting “My Vegan Story”. I hope you got some patience ’cause it’s kinda long…I was writing my 13 year struggle in one article, BOOM! But then I would probably forget ESSENTIAL details like binge nights, vegan feasts or times where my dad would trow a piece of chicken on my plate. So I’m starting with the beginning of my vegan story, that started 12-13 years ago, around the time where I was a goth 14 year old with to much black make up and a rising eating disorder. (more…)